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Paint Protection

What is Environmental Paint Protection?

ECP Auto Armor's Nano Phase Technology provides protection for today's automotive paint finishes at the molecular level (particles that fill every nook and cranny in the paint to create a smooth finish). Nano particles are made in a particle accelerator.

The accelator reduces the size of the Aluminum Oxide Particles which help to provide superior protection against acid rain, tree sap, bird droppings, detergents, insects, ocean spray and road salt. This Nano Reduction creates higher penetration levels of aluminum particles into the peaks and valleys of the painted vehicle surface. This process also bonds the Paint Sealant to the painted metal surface of the vehicle.

During the application process a clay bar is used to remove any contanminents on the painted surface (this prevents sealing any contaminants permanently into the paint) and it also assists pushing the nano particles into the paints finish.

This complex process provides the very best in Environmental Paint Protection. Combined with Auto Armor's unmatched warranty coverage this provides absolute peace of mind against damage caused by the environment.

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