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Final Coat Eco-Friendly Corrosion Protection

Final Coat is an eco-friendly method to protect vehicles against corrsoion caused by road salt, liquid salt spray and other corrosives. Final Coat's non-cathodic electromagnetic induction corrosion technology has been proven effective in protecting galvanized steel and uses alternating current (AC) to electromagnetically induce surface currents on the protected area. So what does this mean, and how does Final Coat's technology help to stop rust on vehicles?

1. Final Coat's electromagnetic module (installed to your vehicle) generates a pulse radio wave, inducing surface currents to flow over both sides of the vehicles metal.

2. When a scratch or stone exposes the metal, the zinc galvanizing treatment neturally protects the metal from corrosion.

3. However, when moisture from the environment (along with road salt, liquid salt spray and other corrosives) reacts with the zinc to form a zinc oxide barrier, rendering the zinc galvanizing treatment inoperable and unable to protect the metal from corrosion growth.

4. Final Coat's Electromagnetic surface current breaks down the zinc oxide barrier, allowing the zinc galvanizing treatment to continue to protect the metal.

Final Coat is so confident in their technology that they provide a 10 Year Surface Corrosion and 10 Year Perforation Corrosion Warranty on their modules for vehicles that are Current + 3 Model Years Old (regardless of the mileage at time of module installation). For more information and video's on how Final Coat can protect your vehicle from our harsh environment, please click here.

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