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Corrosion Protection

O.E.M. approved cavity waxes and seam sealers are professionally applied to form a barrier against the elements to lock out corrosion. As tested in salt spray chambers and confirmed by the S.A.E. (Society of Automotive Engineers) our coatings professionally applied will last beyond 10 years.

Our unique process and equipment allows application through existing factory drains, seams and body panels.

Provides warrantied coverage against corrosion perforation from road salt, deicing chemicals, ocean spray, humidity, harsh elements, time and mileage. When applied with our Environmental Paint Protection, warrantied protection against exterior surface corrosion can be added.

A superior asphalt coating with corrosion inhibitors is applied to the underside panels of your vehicle including frame, flooring and non-mechanical components. Protects your underbody from abrasion and road debris.

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